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Vacuum Conveyor Arm

Save time, labor and expenses with a uniquely designed vacuum system that rapidly and efficiently transports containers along a production line in the food and beverage industry.

For vacuum conveyors and design, we leverage a blower assembly that creates a vacuum to suck up formed cups (containers) from the fingers coming out of the die. Using air power instead of a standard belt system, it hygienically and swiftly moves the product to the next station, typically cleaning, marking or stacking, depending on the end application. The vacuum system is the perfect choice for any operation running a redraw press.

Built of durable stainless steel, the vacuum system offers clear advantages compared to standard, belt-style conveyors, with no moving parts for the swift, hygienic movement of food and beverage containers. The vacuum system design conforms with stringent FDA requirements for food safety to facilitate easy clean-in-place (CIP) operations. There are no moving parts, belts or bearings to maintain or replace.  

This original design (patent pending) offers the following advantages: 

  • Eliminates moving parts 
  • Speeds up production 
  • Increases efficiencies 
  • Reduces labor and handling 
  • Improves plant hygiene 

Small Plant Footprint 

The vacuum system occupies a small plant footprint, offering the potential to set up additional lines to increase production and profitability. The vacuum system is an economical choice for a swift return on investment.  

Air Con Tech sells and ships its conveying systems internationally. Set up is quick and easy. In addition to a standard vacuum system, ask about custom configurations designed to meet unique specifications.  

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