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Air Conveyor System vs. Mechanical

Every operator wants to select the conveyance method that will transport materials in an optimal fashion while preserving product integrity and maximizing profit potential. The choice often boils down to a mechanical belt-style system or a pneumatic conveyor.

Both types of systems, pneumatic and mechanical, are designed to transport products from one point of processing to another. In the case of an Air Con Tech pneumatic or air conveyor, the system is designed specifically for containers, empty or full, to rapidly and efficiently move them from the die cutting machine to the cumulating table. Our pneumatic conveying system transports cups formed from metal (typically aluminum) or plastic in different sizes, shapes, diameter and height.

There are at least a half dozen factors to compare when making the choice between a mechanical or pneumatic conveying system:

Production Speeds 

Pneumatic or air conveyors move product at greater speeds than a mechanical belt system. A pneumatic conveying system works up to three times faster than a standard belt system, capable of moving up to 350 cups per minute, depending on size, material and setup. Operators can adjust the speed to adapt to individual line conditions. Pays for itself — no maintenance required.


An air or pneumatic conveyor from Air Con Tech has no moving parts, belts or bearings to maintain or replace, in direct contrast to a mechanical conveyor which requires regular maintenance and replacement of worn parts such as belts or bearings; with little to no down time cost.

Plant Footprint  

The air conveyor occupies a small plant footprint, offering greater efficiencies for fillers and the potential to set up more lines to increase production and profitability.


A pneumatic conveying system can be configured to move product in any direction or to different levels within the plant to access the next step in the production cycle; flexibility not available with a standardized mechanical belt system.

Product Integrity 

Many operations are using thinner walls for cans and containers to optimize material use and maximize product efficiencies. A pneumatic conveyor eliminates or greatly reduces potential damage to these thinner walled containers compared to other types of conveyance systems.


The lack of moving parts and stainless steel construction of an Air Con Tech pneumatic conveyor facilitates easy clean-in-place (CIP) operations and helps eliminate exterior contaminants to preserve a hygienic processing environment. This can help meet FDA or other governmental standards for food-grade production.

Choose the system that will protect product integrity, increase production line speeds and help maximize your profit potential. Air Con Tech systems can be found in almost every country in the world. We sell and ship internationally. Set up is quick and easy, typically taking less than two hours.  

In addition to standard air conveyor systems and builds, ask us about custom configurations designed to meet unique specifications. Contact us: (330) 205-3433.

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