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Conveyance System Accessory (Custom Engineered)

Streamlines Production, Automatically Flip Cups and Containers 180 Degrees  

Despite the implementation of modern manufacturing methods, processors occasionally find themselves turning to manual labor for tasks that fall outside the capabilities of their current production system, slowing line speeds and cutting into profitability. 

A properly designed and engineered system could supply a better answer, eliminating manual labor to help streamline production, while requiring little to no maintenance. When a client approached Air Con Tech with a conveyance system issue, we responded with a system modification that not only economically and swiftly transports containers/cups from one point to the next—it helps them somersault as well.

A beverage manufacturer filling single-serve coffee pods approached Air Con Tech Systems for an adjustment to their current method of manufacturing. It was seeking an attachment or modification for its current conveyance system with the goal of having cups flip over after leaving the die cutting machine and prior to their transport to a wash system.  

The die cutting process can leave particulates inside the cups as they are cut and then pressed into shape. Manufacturers wash off the particles prior to filling pods or cups with product.   

At this facility, employees had to hand clean and physically turn the cups over for the next step in the production process. This manual cleaning and flipping required an extensive amount of labor, both slowing production and cutting into the company’s profit margin.  

Air Con Tech Systems designed an accessory that could be attached to the current conveyance system that performed the job the customer requested, quickly flipping the cups 180-degrees, into the proper position.   

This solution provided the customer with multiple benefits: 

  • Maintain line speed — The client was able to maintain their desired production speed, running product or coffee pods at the speed of the cutting press.
  • Save on labor — The automated process for flipping the cups enabled the manufacturer to reallocate the labor force to more productive tasks.
  • Streamline production — Automation reduces the margin of error to almost nil, ensuring each and every cup is in the proper position before it reaches the next station.
  • Maximize plant footprint utilization — The line accessory requires no additional linear space in the plant, allowing the production footprint to remain the same.

Air Con Tech Systems is a trusted industry partner for this food processor, having built their original conveyor line as well as line additions. The newest reengineered design added a Y-gate that directs cups in different directions. There are two points in the production line that flips the pods or cups; once prior to washing and then second time prior to packaging.

This component can easily be retrofitted onto air conveyance systems currently being utilized by other manufacturers. Pricing is highly competitive. Its simple design ensures there is minimal to no maintenance required. Contact Air Con Tech Systems, the beverage and can industry leader in air conveyor systems since 1987, to ask about the new turnover system for conveyed cups and containers.  

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