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Air Conveyors

Save time, labor and expenses with air conveyance systems that swiftly and efficiently transport containers along a production line in the food and beverage industry. Move formed cans and lids in a multitude of diameters and materials from the initial stamping process to the cumulating table with speeds up to three times faster than standard belt systems.

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Vacuum Conveyor Arm

Vacuum Conveyors

This uniquely designed vacuum system automatically transports formed cups to the next step in the production line, from formation to either a cleaning or marking station. Built of durable stainless steel, the vacuum system offers clear advantages compared to standard, belt-style conveyors, with no moving parts for the swift, hygienic movement of food and beverage containers.

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Die Guard For Press

Accessories, Guards & Additional Equipment

Find all of the accessories or additional equipment needed for efficient transport of your food and beverage containers with Air Con Tech. From roll out rails to rod cages, our accessories are designed to speed production, enhance safety, reduce maintenance and help companies realize their profit potential.

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Call Air Con Tech for your custom configured air conveyance or vacuum systems. Find a system that fits your application and unique requirements, and is also engineered to meet and exceed expectations for speed, safety and performance.

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