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Save time, labor and expenses with an air conveying system designed to rapidly and efficiently transport containers along a production line in the food and beverage industry using air power instead of a standard belt system. Our systems transport cups and lids formed from metal (typically aluminum) or plastic in a multitude of diameters. Constructed of sturdy stainless steel, air conveyors conform with stringent FDA requirements for food safety and to facilitate easy clean-in-place (CIP) operations. There are no moving parts, belts or bearings to maintain or replace.

An air conveyor is typically placed in operation immediately after the die cutting machine and first stamping of the cup when it is formed out of a flat sheet of either metal or plastic. The air conveyor transports the cups from the die to the cumulating table, prior to redraw or forming machines.

High-Speed Production

Realize greater production speeds with an air conveyor that works up to three times faster than a standard belt system, capable of moving up to 350 cups per minute, depending on size, material and setup. Operators can adjust the speed to adapt to individual line conditions.

Small Plant Footprint

Our air conveying systems occupy a small plant footprint, offering greater efficiencies for fillers and the potential to set up more lines to increase production and profitability. Air conveyors offer an economical choice for a swift return on the initial investment. The lack of moving parts, belts and bearings increase its hygienic operations.

Air Con Tech air conveyors can be found in almost every country in the world, selling and shipping internationally. Set up is quick and easy. In addition to standard systems and builds, ask us about custom configurations designed to meet unique specifications.

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