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6 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Air Conveyor System

Air conveyors from Air Con Tech Systems keep much of the beverage and can industry supply chain in motion.  We know there’s zero time for downtime at your plant, so properly maintaining your equipment is critical.  Here are six easy ways to maintain your air conveyor system and keep production moving without interruption. 

1. Conduct Preventive Maintenance 

The best way to avoid any problems with your air conveyor system is to frequently inspect and clean it.  Although air conveyors are extremely reliable and you’re highly unlikely to experience any problems, frequent inspections allow you to find potential issues before they can interrupt production at your facility. 

2. Check the Air Flow 

What good is an air conveyor system if something is blocking the air?  This is pretty straight forward, but very important.  Check your pipeline and feed rate often to ensure your production flow is accurate and consistent.  

3. Level the Frame 

Over time, it’s possible that vibrations in your plant can move your air conveyor system out of alignment, so you’ll need to square and level it.  Also, when you reconfigure your system to transport a new product, make sure the frame is aligned according to spec and on level ground.  

4. Keep Spare Conveyors  

Conveyors from Air Con Tech Systems are made of stainless steel.  While they are extremely durable and can last for years, you’ll eventually need to replace them – especially when you perform a die change.  It’s a good idea to stock spare conveyors to keep your line moving.  

5. Dry the Pipeline 

As the temperature changes throughout the day and night, moisture can cause cups and containers to stick together in the pipeline.  To help prevent this from happening, make sure you blow air through the pipeline during startup to dry it.  

6. Replace the Blower Motor When Necessary 

Most air conveyors use direct drive blower motors that can run for years.  However, they will eventually need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear.  The good news is that they can be replaced very quickly and easily without any meaningful downtime.  If your plant is located at a high elevation, you might need a belt drive motor instead of a direct drive.  If that’s the case, you’ll need to ensure that all moving parts are properly lubricated.  

Final Thoughts 

While an air conveyor system doesn’t have any moving parts, bearings or belts, they still need to be properly maintained.  If you take advantage of the six tips above, you’ll be better able to keep your operation running smoothly with little to no downtime expenses.

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