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Air Con Tech offers different models of its standard air conveyors as well as custom engineered or prototype conveying systems. The vacuum systems are designed and engineered to transport any container, metal or plastic, capable of being conveyed on the air system.

Custom Systems

Air Con Tech has decades of experience supplying custom configurations and conveyance systems to meet specific applications that fall outside of the parameters of our standard line. Air conveyors and vacuum systems can be adapted to special circumstances and needs that might involve for example, rotating a container 180 degrees vertically or moving containers up an incline to the next station.

Air Con can tackle a unique engineering and design situation to create a custom conveying system for metal or plastic containers used in the food and beverage industry. We can work with supplied dimensions and specifications or schedule a plant visit for a personal evaluation of the space and requirements.

A few of the factors that impact the design of a custom air conveyance or vacuum system might include but are not limited to:

  • Plant footprint (space available)
  • System height
  • Distance the part needs to travel
  • Base material type (plastic, aluminum or steel)
  • Base material weight
  • Container movement or rotation (i.e. flip 180 degrees)
  • End destination

We can also manufacture prototype systems for test purposes. Our equipment is easy to install, requires little to no maintenance and comply with regulatory requirements specific to the country of delivery and operation. Contact us with your questions about a custom configured air conveyance or vacuum system to move your food and beverage packaging or products.

Custom Conveyor System

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