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Air Conveyor Design Advantages

Swift, efficient, clean and flexible — air conveyors reign supreme when it comes to transporting lightweight, newly formed containers in a food or beverage processing facility. With an efficient air conveyor design, we offer any number of advantages over other styles of conveyance, particularly belt-driven systems. A major factor is speed — air conveyors can transport containers at parts per minute (PPM) speeds that meet and exceed production goals.  

Air Conveyor Design

This uniquely engineered and designed air-driven vacuum system automatically transports formed cups through the production system, from formation to either a cleaning or marking station. The system is built of stainless steel with few moving parts, to virtually eliminate maintenance or servicing issues. There are no belts, chains, bearings or rollers. Conveyors from Air Con Tech deliver value and performance-focused attributes, including: 

  • Swift 
  • Hygienic 
  • Durable 
  • Efficient 
  • Flexible 

A few of the factors that can impact air conveyor performance compared to other types of conveyors include: 

Weight and Size 

The containers, often called “cups” are pressed or cut into shape from flat sheets of material and are transported to the next stage in production, for either cleaning, marking or filling. The cup size and weight are major factors for system design. Smaller cups pose a greater challenge for proper movement due to low surface area; larger cups can have more weight.  

The air conveyor system can move a wide variety of product, regardless of weight. The best system is configured after testing a prototype and/or product drawings.  

A cup or container involves a completely different type of design than a lighter, flat piece of material such as a lid. These can act like “airplane wings” and flutter. The conveyor can move lids along the production cycle efficiently, however the design differs from one made for cup movement.  

Plant Footprint 

Plant managers and designers require maximum efficiencies for product output to yield a decent return on investment, making the footprint, or the space a machine occupies, a valid concern. The blower system occupies a small plant footprint, often smaller than the space a manager might have allotted for the conveyor, to enable the potential for additional lines for increased production and profitability. The vacuum conveyor can be configured to move product in a straight line or upward at an angle to another level in the plant.  

Product Manipulation 

A newly developed turnover system can be added to an air conveyor that will enable products to flip or turn 180 degrees. This somersault addition can be retrofitted on air conveyors currently installed in a plant.  

Find out how an air conveyor from AirCon Tech can outperform and outlast any standard belt type system, to help increase your plant’s productivity. We sell and ship conveying systems internationally. Set up is quick and easy. Contact us for a custom design that fits within your budget and your space.

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