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Air Con Tech Systems Inc. specializes in designing, engineering and fabricating each quality air conveyance system to operate without moving parts, for a high-speed, highly efficient and low-maintenance alternative to traditional belt systems for the food and beverage industry.

Founded in Ohio in 1987 by company CEO Tom Wayts, Air Con Tech introduced Wayts’ innovative air-powered system, which revolutionized the food and beverage industry with the first product conveyance system to harness the power of air for movement instead of belts. The Air Con Tech conveyors and vacuum systems move product containers (cups) in a safe, clean and rapid manner with speeds up to three times faster than conventional belt systems.

Air Con Tech is a family-owned and operated company with manufacturing facilities based in the United States and a reputation built on quality, performance and a focus on customer service. Air Con Tech systems and equipment are sold and shipped internationally and can be found in food and beverage processing plants in around the globe.

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